Bobby Junior debuts first look at Warm Winds, A Refreshing Take on a Classic Vibe 

 “…and wait til you hear the dude sing – he’s a freak!” Marc Broussard

At only 26 years old, Bobby Junior has managed to forge an incisive and refreshing musical style all his own. Warm Winds, the full-length debut LP, showcases a skillfully focused and lucid sound that Junior best describes as his own brand of “psychedelic blues, funk, rock and soul.” Smooth, soulful vocals and masterful guitar, take a backseat only to the expertly crafted songs they serve.

Brought up on the blues, Junior was born in Los Angeles, California, and experienced an American patchwork childhood. Spending time in Philadelphia and St. Louis before eventually landing in New Orleans. During Junior’s formative years, his father worked as guitar player and guitar tech to a long list of established acts including Green Day, Weezer, Elvis Costello, Guns’N’Roses, and Aerosmith, and would often bring a young Junior along to rehearsals and shows. This would eventually inspire Bobby to follow in his father’s footsteps, and begin charting his own course through the music industry.

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“This is a very personal collection of songs, and each one is very special to me in its own way”

At just 18, Junior began his professional journey as a young tour manager for Devon Allman’s Honeytribe.  Son of Gregg Allman of the legendary Allman Brothers Band, Devon would go on to tap Junior for the position of rhythm guitar player in his newly founded solo band. Touring internationally with the Devon Allman Band for almost four years, Junior developed a distinctive guitar playing style. Soon finding himself sharing the stage and sitting in with the likes of Gregg Allman, Warren Haynes and Gov’t Mule, as well as performing at some of the most esteemed music festivals and venues around the world. Recently Bobby has become a member of the multi-platinum selling band, Rusted Root, and is currently touring as their full time bass player and background vocalist.

Recorded in Lafayette, Louisiana, at world renowned Dockside Studio, Warm Winds is the culmination of ten years of music industry and life experience. Co-produced by Justin Tocket and Bobby Junior himself, the album also features a cast of consummate and accomplished musicians. Ben Alleman (Dr. John, Ryan Adams, Grace Potter), Steve Duerst (Devon Allman Band), and Chad Gilmore (Marc Broussard) form the core band while Marc Broussard and DJ Raymond (Solange) lend their soulful background vocals to select tracks including “New Orleans,” “Awake,” “Come Sundown,” and “Way Up High.”

“This is a very personal collection of songs, and each one is very special to me in its own way,” says Junior about the album. The title track is a touching tribute to his own mother, and its deep emotional content is sure to evoke a strong response from listeners. Other songs like “Way Up High,” and “I Have Arrived,” illustrate a more masculine side to the music, boasting heavy funk-laden grooves that propel the music forward. Well crafted hooks, and soaring vocal melodies are sure to be the album's greatest champion, as the songs remain fresh in the listener's mind well after the album is finished playing.

After accumulating a strong personal following, Bobby Junior is perfectly poised to step out on his own, and make the strong musical statement his supporters have been longing for.

©Bobby Junior 2017